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IncentiGo —  Retail incentive platform design

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Crative Direction
Web Design & Development (Webflow)



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IncentiGo was founded upon the belief that when people understand their own impact on the world, they can do outstanding things. Your sales team is no exception. Our mobile and web apps were designed with sales associates in mind - to inspire them to feel like business owners, motivating them to perform and contribute as invested stakeholders. We’ve watched as sales teams have felt increasingly disheartened, overwhelmed, undervalued, and disconnected from their employers. Until now, virtually all commission and incentive solutions have focused on their bosses (and their bosses bosses.) No wonder there’s a 60% turnover rate for retail employees! We’re giving the retail industry its edge back - starting with people who hold the key to success: your sales team. Empower them with motivation, information, and communication in real time, and your team will delight customers, accomplish wonders, and radiate expertise.

The Situation

IncentiGo (then 2AppGrade) approached me after their seed round with a barely fleshed out idea. Throughout the coming months I worked days and nights together with their members (across three continents) to flesh out what was an extremely complex product spanning two platforms, multiple users and allowing an inordinate amount of customization. I also worked with them to come up with a better name (IncentiGo), improve their branding and create a website. My goal was to create the most user-friendly experience to help retail companies improve their sales and customer service while focusing mainly on the sales associate.
“As a systems engineer with a long history, I thought that it was possible to do without experts in UX... until I met Konrad, who is undoubtedly the most talented of all the UX Designers with whom I have worked in my career.”

Abraham Bensicsu - CTO


Getting started on this project involved extensive research. In order to conduct a competitor analysis I scanned competitor sites, read reviews of their products and even scheduled demos with most competitors to gain insight into their products advantages and disadvantages. I also conducted some market research to gain a better understanding of the potential of this idea.

Mobile App

The mobile app was a core piece of the success of this product and it was the area were the User Experience had to be the strongest. I worked to create an experience that was easy to interact with and allowed users to navigate the complicated incentive campaigns in an easy and visually appealing form. The color palette aimed to be exciting but was left intentionally open in order to accommodate the different company's logos and branding which would feature on the header. We also wanted to make sure we didn't have a color palette that would represent any company's competitors, so we used multiple colors from across the color wheel.

Web App

The web app proved to be extremely complex to design. By working together with the CTO through innumerable meetings we were able to create an experience that included all the complex scenarios and allowed for extreme customization while being user-friendly and easy to understand. I've included the Wireframes without the Hi-Fidelity designs in order to illustrate more the of the ideation process and focus on the complexities we had to tackle.


For this website I had to work extremely quickly and collaborate with a copywriter the company hired. I worked as the Web Designer as well as the Web Developer. I Developed the site using Webflow.

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