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Professional Parking Management – Parking operations made simpler

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Project Manager
UX Designer
Web Developer (Webflow)
Graphic Designer



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Professional Parking Management is a parking-enforcement solution that offers powerful and user-friendly tools to simplify your parking operations.  We believe that fair parking regulations improve the customer experience and help businesses operate more efficiently. The method of enforcement, however, makes all the difference. PPM’s license plate recognition technology enforces your regulations with zero friction or frustration. It’s the key to running an efficient and scalable parking operation.

The Situation

I was approached by the CEO of PPM with a few goals in mind. First, he needed me to take a look at their software which was far from user friendly and help him slowly improve it's usability, he also needed me to help him design a new web portal for his customer to use, and finally he needed a complete rebrand with a new logo and custom website designed a developed.
“Choni took the time to understand the larger picture of our company, our needs and audience, and then he began simplifying and solving issues that we had been grappling with for so long. ”

Levi Sudak - Founder & CEO

Logo Design

When I was first approached, the company didn't have a clear logo. They kept using different poorly designed placeholders that clashed with the image they wanted the company to have. They wanted something that look professional and imposing to generate respect on those who had to pay parking violations, but at the same time wanted to look sleek, modern and technological.
The logo we designed a serious yet techy color palette. It's made to represent the concept of a license plate being turned into data and is in the shape of a hexagon which is a figure that invokes a feeling of strength and security.

Web App & Portal

I had the opportunity to work on multiple features and enhancements for the web app as well as to design a tenant portal to be used by the company's customers.

The Task

The tenant portal was meant for the company's customer to offer as a service to their own customers, the parking/building tenants. Through it, users are able to log in and manage their different permits, vehicles and guest passes, as well as view their past history.

The Task

This was one of the features I worked on for the web app. For these features I had to work to mimic the existing UI and style, albeit cleaning it up as much as I could. The UX was crafted to allow admins to create and manage groups of tenants in order to be able to manage them in bulk or to make it easier to find tenants in order to edit their settings as individuals.

The Task

Here again the UI and style had to mimic the existing app's style, the focus of these features was on the UX. This feature aimed to allow admins to create and manage permit groups. Most functionality in the app up until this point was done on popups, so I needed to continue with that behavior in order to keep consistency until we could change it across the app. Users needed to be able to add complex schedules to each group as well as edit it's admins and parking lots.


Just like with the logo we wanted the website to have a clean yet professional and official vibe. Every Image and interaction was custom made for this site and implemented by me using Webflow.

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